In addition to technical system requirements, Approved Vendors are required to work within prescribed guidelines that govern their interaction with the marketplace and program participants. These requirements ensure consumers are protected against unsafe and unfair business practices and are designed to minimize risk to participants. These guidelines require that the information shared with participants is clear and accurate to ensure a transparent and positive experience for participants.

While the Adjustable Block Program provides guidelines for many consumer protections, the Illinois Solar for All program prescribes a number of additional protections, including standard disclosures, financial protections, cost and savings requirements, and marketing requirements.

Important resources

Program Brochures

Disclosure Forms

Standard disclosures

Approved Vendors must complete standard disclosure forms and provide these to participants prior to contract execution. Standard disclosures include system equipment and components, warranty, financial terms, total costs and fees, projected energy production and savings, and other important information. Disclosures for Low-Income Distributed Generation projects must be presented to participants at least seven days prior to contract execution, and the participant has seven days after contract execution to cancel.

Costs and savings

Approved Vendors are required to offer participants access to solar projects with no upfront cost, and any ongoing costs and fees are not to exceed 50% of the value of energy generated by the system, regardless of whether the system is owned, leased, or financed through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Financial requirements

Financing amounts, terms, and conditions must be based on an assessment of the participant’s ability to repay the debt, as defined by federal requirements. Any loans must not be secured by the participant’s home or home equity. Contracts must include a forbearance option and cannot include penalties for pre-payment.

Marketing requirements

All Approved Vendors must adhere to comprehensive guidelines that govern the information used in marketing materials and the behavior of vendors in their interactions with participants. Marketing requirements include the use of standardized brochures that must be presented to all participants.

Quality workmanship

Approved Vendors are fully vetted and must adhere to technical system requirements to ensure efficient system performance, as well as adhere to all local ordinances governing building codes, permitting, and zoning. In addition, there are requirements that Approved Vendors meet minimum site suitability guidelines and must allow all installations to undergo photo and onsite inspections by Program Administrator technicians.