The Program Administrator has announced the final 2019-2020 program year scoring rubrics for the Low-Income Community Solar sub-program based on the distribution of eligible projects submitted.

Rubrics are calculated based on the distribution of projects in each prioritization category: Environmental Justice Communities (EJC), Low-Income Communities, and General Selection. Because the distribution of projects will change once selected projects from the EJC prioritization are removed from the pool for the subsequent prioritizations, the Program Administrator is only able to post the scoring rubric for the first prioritization category (EJC). Refer to the Project Selection Protocol (as further clarified by Section 9 of the Approved Vendor Manual v. 2.1) for a complete explanation of the scoring and selection processes.

The scoring rubrics for 1) the entire portfolio of eligible Low-Income Community Solar projects submitted and 2) the EJC projects submitted within that sub-program have been posted below.

All Low-Income Community Solar Projects

Environmental Justice Communities Projects