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Cleaner energy.
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Illinois Solar for All provides greater access to the clean energy economy for low-income communities through incentives that help make solar installations more affordable and result in measurable savings for participants.

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  • Mission and values

    The program promotes equitable access to the solar economy through program incentives that help make solar more affordable for low-income communities.

  • Overview and goals

    Illinois Solar for All increases participation in solar energy projects serving low-income and environmental justice communities. Incentives are made available for residential properties, properties that house non-profits and public facilities, and community solar projects serving customers with low incomes.

How the program works


  • Ecology Action Center

    Illinois Solar for All presentation Presentation will cover: energy bill analysis, solar basics, site considerations for solar, Illinois Solar for All program details, participation eligibility and…

    • Bloomington, IL
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  • Ecology Action Center

    Join us for an Illinois Solar for All presentation!  During the presentation we will cover energy bill basics, solar 101, and Illinois Solar for All…

    • Bloomington, IL
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  • Sustain Rockford

    Sam Strader from Sustain Rockford will share information about Illinois Solar For All (ILSFA). ILSFA is designed to increase access to solar for low-income communities…

    • Rockford, IL
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