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Identifying Environmental Justice Communities in Illinois

The Illinois Power Agency and Elevate Energy are identifying environmental justice communities in Illinois based on a methodological framework established in the Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan.

Use this map and address lookup tool to determine whether your community or property resides in an Illinois Solar for All identified environmental justice community. Note that this determination does not guarantee eligibility for any Illinois Solar for All program. However, one goal of the program is to allocate 25% of funding towards environmental justice communities.

These communities were designated as such through a calculation utilizing the US EPA tool EJ Screen and demonstrate a higher risk of exposure to pollution based on environmental and socioeconomic factors. Specific questions can be directed to

Map and ADDress Lookup Tool

NOTE: This current list of environmental justice communities is based on a proposed methodology that is currently under stakeholder review and could change. A final data set will be embedded into the map prior to program launch in April 2019.

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