Why grassroots education?

Local community organizations understand the needs, motivations, and challenges of their communities. This is especially true when talking about energy, jobs, and the environment. The Program Administrator will work with organizations across the state to build strategic campaigns to engage hard-to-reach communities. The grassroots education campaigns will reach across geographies and communities in Illinois to build awareness of Illinois Solar for All.

Becoming a grassroots educator

Illinois Solar for All seeks a variety of organizations to help reach communities across Illinois. Qualified organizations will have trusted relationships with the communities they serve and a proven ability to engage stakeholders through organized events, education, and outreach efforts. Organizations that are likely to be the most effective will understand issues related to the program, such as energy and the environment, workforce development, and community organizing.

The deadline to submit proposals for 2019 Grassroots Education campaigns was March 26, 2019. Selected organizations will be notified in late April 2019. Requests for proposals for 2020 campaigns will be released in the future. For more information on the RFP and RFP process, please click below.

2019 Grassroots Education Request for Proposals

Directory of grassroots education organizations

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