The Program Administrator has completed review of the project submissions for the 2018/2019 program year and the sub-program dashboards have been updated. The current eligibility status for each of the sub-programs is as follows:

  • Low-Income Community Solar: 31 eligible projects with incentive values totaling $149.2 million
  • Low-Income Distributed Generation Project: 0 eligible projects
  • Non-Profit/Public Facilities: 12 eligible projects with incentive values totaling $3.2 million

These determinations mean that the project selection protocol will be necessary only for the Low-Income Community Solar sub-program.

Below are final sub-program budget amounts for Illinois Solar for All Program Year 2018/2019. Program administration expenses were prorated across the three non-pilot sub-programs according to percentage of sub-program allocations. The Adjusted RERF (Renewable Energy Resources Fund) Budget for each sub-program is calculated by subtracting that sub-program’s Expenses from its RERF allocation. The sub-program Adjusted RERF Budget, combined with Utility renewable energy resources funds, total the available funds within each sub-program for REC incentives for Program Year 2018/2019. Funds not allocated to 2018/2019 program year project applications will be rolled over to the 2019/2020 program year budgets.